Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spring Catalog Preview!

I think my favorite times of the year are when the new catalogs are released! As demonstrators, we get a "sneak peek" at the catalog online before we can actually order items from the catalog.

I thought that maybe there are some other candle addicts out there that might like a "sneak peek" as well, so over the next month, I'll be sharing parts of the catalog with you! Here's the first part of the catalog:

Some of my favorites from this portion include:
After my Heart gift box
Hobnail Easter Basket
Chickity Hoppity
Marshmallow Confections & Jelly Bean candles
Crystal Candle Stands
Destination Vanilla candles
Returning Citronella Nights candles
Single Leaf Tray
Eco Shopper shopping bag
3 wick Cafe Velutto candles
Linen sprays
Diffuser refills and apliques

I'll take one of each, please!!! Check back next week for another glimpse at a portion of the catalog.

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