Monday, June 22, 2009

Cherry Lime Rickey!

One of my favorite treats is a Cherry Limeade from Sonic - a drive-in restaurant that we don't have here in Maryland but that I enjoy treating myself to every time we go home to Arizona for a visit. We've even made the 2 hour drive to the closest Sonic (in Pennsylvania) a couple of times!

Well, along with the other Soda Pop Shoppe fragrances we have this summer, is a Cherry Lime Rickey -- mmmm! Its on the lighter side (for those that like lighter fragrances), but still fills up the house - as all Gold Canyon fragrances do! And when I got to thinking about this fragrance, I remembered that I had a recipe for a homemade version of a Sonic Cherry Limeade . . . enjoy!

Cherry Limeade
1 12oz. can of Sprite
2 Tbs. cherry syrup
1/3 of a lime

In a tall glass, add the cherry syrup & squeeze in the lime juice. Pour in the sprite & stir together. For a real Sonic feel, put a lime wedge in the bottom of the glass, add a lot of crushed ice & top with a maraschino cherry!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Save $12 on your Gold Canyon candle order!

SAVE $12!
Its a great deal that I plan to take advantage of myself!

Just place an order at that is $50 or more (by June 23rd) and enter promo code: CADW12year for a $12 savings in celebration of Gold Canyon's 12th Anniversary this month!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

24 Hour Challenge -- will you benefit from it?

I am working on a challenge to add as many summer parties to my schedule as possible . . . I have 24 hours!

Call or e-mail me if you want to treat you & your friends to a party this summer & you'll earn FREE products! I'll throw in a surprise bonus gift that you'll get the night of your party for anyone who helps me meet my goal by tomorrow night (Thurs. June 4th) as a special thank you!

If you want to help out but you don't live local to me, we can set up a catalog party for you, where you'll show around catalogs & a few samples to your friends, take orders, & get the same rewards that a home party host gets, so don't hesitate to contact me, too!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Dream Job!

Once upon a time, an ambitious woman entered a successful store with a reputation for beautiful, fine quality merchandise. She walked right up to the owner and said, “I am very impressed with your establishment. I’d like to come on board and build a career here. I can promise you that I will work hard and do a great job. However, in return all I ask is the following:

1. First, I’d like 25% profit of everything I sell, and be paid the day that I sell it.

2. If I meet special goals, I’d like to earn discounts and gift cards to other high quality merchants.

3. I’d also like to opportunity to purchase the merchandise we sell at a 25% discount and get free products.

4. If I bring in and train one new sales person, I think I deserve a percentage of profits of everything they sell. At Three people I want a raise on that percentage and referrals.

5. When I do well, I expect praise, bonuses, and recognition, not to mention dream vacations to exotic locations, and maybe even a Mercedes!

By the way, I’m afraid I am not into the 9 to 5 scene and my family always comes first, so I will want to make my own schedule and when it suits me best.

Ok, I think that about covers it. So when can I start?

After the owner of the store recovered from shock, he roared with laughter. “Lady, you can’t be serious! You are living in a dream world. You can’t find an opportunity like that anywhere!”


That woman could have been me. I found that opportunity and more as a Gold Canyon Demonstrator. Contact me and I’ll tell you how you can get started today.

I’M Dreaming, Please Don’t Wake Me!

Looking for Extra Income or do you want to Work from Home?

I'm always looking to add demonstrators to my team. Whatever your reason . . .

need a creative outlet
adding to your family's income
looking for adult conversation
need extra income after retiring or just something to do
LOVE Gold Canyon & want to share it with others

Check out this flier that tells all about our special for new demonstrators. You can get started for very little or even for free, plus you get bonus gifts when you sign up this month!