Monday, May 18, 2009

Who knew Vanilla was so complicated?

The vanilla fragrance, by nature, is a subtle & typically universal fragrance. If you're buying a candle for someone as a gift, something in the vanilla family will usually be a good choice. But you should also know that by its very nature, vanilla is not as strong as a musk, floral, baking/spicy, or even fruity fragrance. If you're looking for a really strong fragrance, I would suggest you stay away from a plain vanilla; some combinations (like a birthday cake or sugar cookie) that have those vanilla notes will give you a much stronger fragrance.

Now, the great thing about a vanilla is that it can be burned with almost any other fragrance & produce a pleasing affect. It actually works to tone down fragrances, so if you burn a Cinnamon Vanilla, you'll get the great cinnamon scent but it will be toned down to be less potent than a straight Cinnamon. Get the idea? Vanilla works great this way when burned with baking/spicy, fruit, & even musks! I personally love to burn a vanilla or sugar cookie with my baking/spicy candles since the cinnamons can be too powerful for me at times.

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