Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Baby Girl & Move to Colorado!

To all my Gold Canyon family out there, in case you hadn't heard, I wanted to let you know that our baby girl was born just over 2 weeks ago. She surprised us by coming a little over 2 weeks early (our first baby was 5 days late!). This is Elesiv May Milius, born Nov. 28, 2009!

We've also had a move across the country to Colorado. Many of you are customers from around the country, so you know that WHERE I live doesn't really matter . . . you can still order from me & have your products delivered right to you either by ordering through my website, by phone or by e-mail. For those customers that I left behind in Maryland, the same is true for you. What I won't be able to do now is home parties, though I do plan to make a trip to Maryland each year to meet with my team members there & do as many home parties for my customers as I can fit in!

Now, one last comment on Colorado. We're living in Parker, south of Denver. If you know of anyone who lives in the area that would like to host a home party to help me get my business going here, I would REALLY appreciate you passing my name on. Your referrals to your friends & family are the greatest compliment you could give me & you know they'll love Gold Canyon when I introduce them to it as well!

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