Friday, January 22, 2010

A Must-Have for Moms!

We've been dealing with sick kids around here & I've discovered a "must-have" tool for around my house . . . Homeology! Sorry to be gross, but we've had throwing up (repeatedly) by a toddler that doesn't know to get to the bathroom when it starts to happen. The smell was horrible & really penetrates into surfaces like my carpet & couch.

I used our Rosemary Mint All-Purpose cleaner (spray & blot) to clean the carpet and after that I used the Mandarine Eucalyptus Clove Cleanser/Deoderizer - just sprinkled it all over the areas, waited a few hours & vacuumed it up. My husband wasn't home during one of the incidents & when he got home he said he couldn't even tell that there had been any throwing up that day! Hooray for Homeology . . . my lifesaver & something I will make sure to always have on hand!

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