Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gold Canyon Pillars

Gold Canyon pillars will soon be gone :( At the end of April, Gold Canyon pillars will no longer be in the catalog & they will stop making them. So, if you love our pillars its time to stock up! If you've purchased a pillar candle, I thought I'd give a brief lesson on how they burn since they are different than the jar candles.

Our pillar candles have a beautiful design on the outside that you'll want to keep looking nice. For that reason, our pillars are designed to burn down the middle, leaving a "shell" of wax around the outside. A couple of things to keep in mind in order to keep this pretty shell. . .
  • keep away from drafts while burning
  • keep wick trimmed to specified length
  • make sure the surface you are using is flat
  • remove the ribbon around the candle when burning since it can cause "hot spots"

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