Friday, August 27, 2010

Going, Going, Gone . . . Gold Canyon products leaving the catalog

These products may or may not be back next summer, but at least for now, we know they're not to be found in the fall catalog. If you love them, get them now because August 31st will be your last chance! Give me a call or order on my website:

Berry Mango Tango Candles for Kids
Candle Corsage (Set of 3) Holder
Casaba Melon Sunset
Coconut Mango Breeze
Cranberry Flirtini
Fizzy Pop
Lemon Dream Pie
Liberty Lantern Holder
MyStyle - Fancy Florals
MyStyle - Go Wild!
MyStyle - Man Up
MyStyle - Simple Sentiments
Peachy Keen Candles for Kids
Powder & Violet Fleur eu de parfum
Really Root Beer
Red, White & Berry
Seaside Castle Holder
Sliced Watermelon
Tea Berry Twist
Vintage Candle Dome Holder
Vintage Votive Dome Holder
Woods & Vanilla Romantique eu de parfum

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