Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gold Canyon Winter/Dry Weather Skin Routine

I've struggled with dry, dry skin since our move to Colorado, but Gold Canyon's Emerge line is a great remedy for dry skin & here's the routine that I try to follow:

1. Start Clean Body Lather in the shower to clean & to shave my legs with.
2. Your Inspraytion Body Mist on my legs after shaving, since lotions irritate my sensitive skin.
3. Stepping Out Foot Creme after showering (& using a pumice stone on my feet) & usually an additional time during the day or before bed (I've always struggled with dry feet & this really helps keep them in better shape).
4. Grains of Truth Hand Scrub & Raise Your Hand Silk to add extra moisturizing to my hands (since they get dried out with all the hand & bottle washing I do during the day).
5. Smoothing the Way Body Creme for my hands, arms & legs at any time during the day that I'm feeling "dried out".
6. Renew Your Soul Bath Soak . . . at least once a week for intensive moisturizing and rejuvenating tired muscles. I love this stuff; it is my favorite Emerge product & would be the one I would recommend if you can only get one.

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