Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gold Canyon Auto Fresheners - Getting the Best Use

To get the best use out of your Auto Fresheners, follow the directions on the back of the package. This four step process will expose only part of the auto freshener at a time so you can "refresh" as needed.

1. Cut a small "u" or "v" shaped opening in the top of the plastic packaging and pull the string out the top.
2. Cut bottom seam of the plastic packaging off to create an opening.
3. Turn auto freshener to back side. Holding the seam up with one hand, cut three 1 inch slits on the seam, cutting slightly into the bag.
4. Pull the bottom strip in an even line as it is peeled around the freshener & its ready to hang in your car! As more fragrance is needed, expose more of the auto freshener by pulling another strip of plastic off the auto freshener.

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