Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gold Canyon encourages you to use a Wick Dipper . . . what's that?!

How do you put out your candle when you're done burning it?

Do you . . .
  • blow it out?
  • put the lid on it?
  • use a snuffer?
Why don't you want to do any of these things? All 3 of these ways for extinguishing your candle will create smoke. So, the wonderful fragrance that you've just put into the air will now be covered up with the smell of smoke; yuk! Yes, even putting the lid on it will create smoke, but that smoke will be trapped inside the candle & will actually taint the smell of the wax.

So, the answer is a Wick Dipper! A Wick Dipper is used to push the burning wick under the melted wax. The melted wax will extinguish the wick and then you pull that wick back up again. The wicks are ready to re-light the next time & amazingly enough, there was absolutely no smoke that was put off by extinguishing your candle!

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