Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Week Continues with Green Cleaning Tips!

I remember helping my Great Grandma with house cleaning one summer . . . she used vinegar for everything & it worked! I love the idea of non-chemical cleaning, but my husband isn't particularly fond (okay, he hates) of the smell of vinegar. But he loves the smell of Gold Canyon's Homeology products.

Homeology are plant based cleaning products that use only naturally occuring ingredients such as coconut-based cleaners, purified water, and essential oils. Click here for some of the posts I've done on our cleaners in the past on the many uses for Homeology cleaners.

And here's some other ideas for being environmentally friendly while you're cleaning house with homeology products:
  1. Use newspaper to clean glass & mirrors
  2. Use a microfiber mop with our floor cleaner - no waste-water to throw away & you throw the microfiber cloth in the wash along with a load of towels to clean it & re-use it
  3. Instead of using new or disposable cloths, use old cotton t-shirts that can be cut up into cleaning rags
Other Green Cleaning Ideas:
Environmental Cleaning Solutions
Make your own cleaners - including furniture polish, drain cleaner, metal polishes & more

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