Friday, September 20, 2013

Empty candle jar . . . Updo!

If you're an avid candle burner, you either have tons of empty jars lying around or you are throwing them away (which is what I did for years).  Its time to start using those candle jars! 

This week, my husband brought home some beautiful roses for me (bonus points for him!!!).  After a couple of days they opened and soon started to droop a little which meant it was time to trim the stems.  I went drastic, cut them way down, and put one of those empty candle jars to good use!

This is one of Gold Canyon's medium diamond cut jars -- they're gorgeous as a candle & make a stunning jar to use for just about anything afterward, plus, you don't have to remove a label to re-use them!

Step 1:  Fill your empty jar with water & colored stones
Step 2:  Add a cute ribbon
Step 3:  Cut your flowers & add to your "new" vase!

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