Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gold Canyon Style - Halloween Makeover #2

So, here we have another totally versatile piece.  The Floating Tealight Trio.  You can use the little floating glasses inside the 3 vases to float your tealights on water or you can later cute decorations (like split peas and white beans) to give this a great look for your room.  But an easy change out will get your Tealight Trio ready for the holidays!  Candies are great but don't burn candles on top of chocolate candles or you'll end up with a melted mess :)

This re-do is super simple!
1.  Empty the tealight trio jars & save your decorations for after the holidays!
2.  Tie some cute ribbon around each of the 3 jars (I layered a striped orange and a striped green)
3.  Add the super cute black Cat Magnacharms (2) from Gold Canyon to the larger vases
4.  Fill with Halloween candy (I used candy corn M&M's; YUM!!!)
5.  Try to stay out of the candy instead of grabbing a handful every time you walk by ---- dangerous!

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