Monday, September 23, 2013

Gold Canyon-style Halloween Makeover

If you get the right base pieces, then all it takes is a little tweaking for the holidays!  Here's my "little black dress" of my fireplace mantle (the Stoneware Stands).  They look gorgeous on their own, but if you add some accessories they look even better.  Change those accessories up for the season & your holiday decorating is done!

To get this look:
Start with your base pieces . . . the Stoneware Stands and large heritage candles (diamond light jars!)

1.  Switch out the ribbon around the candle - the Halloween one is purple with white polka dots
2.  Sit the candle on the larger stand on top of the Whimsical Witch Legs
3.  Add a Witch Hat Tie wrapped around the middle of the shorter stand
4.  They're hard to see, but I added some Bat Magnacharms to the ribbons.  They hook on with a magnet and are a perfect little accessory and come in a set of 3!

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