Friday, October 31, 2008

Grateful for Food Grade Parafin Wax

At 8 months old, Chase is basically just getting into anything & everything right now. I thought I had everything out of his reach, but when I walked in the front room today, he had one of my candle samples in his hands & he's at that stage when everything goes in his mouth -- actually he's been at that stage since he was born, hmmm.

Anyway, it reminded me of how glad I am that our jar candles are all made with FDA approved food grade parafin wax. So, while I don't sell candles for them to be eaten, I know that if a kid (mine or someone else's) gets a finger full of wax in their mouth, its okay! I don't have to freak out or call poison control or anything!

Note: our pillars are not made of food grade parafin wax, but the rest of our candles are.

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