Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Are you getting ready for Halloween? Creating costumes & buying candy for trick-or-treaters? Don't forget to dress your home for the holiday too! Here's some great ideas for an incredible table setting for a dinner party. But you can take some of the same ideas and use them throughout your home just for decoration, if you're not having a dinner party.

It's only 3 weeks away, so order right away in order to have your products in time for Halloween.

Try these decorating ideas:

The CANDY CORN CANDLE is "packaged with home-crafted charm in a glass jar with a black ribbon and a hanging felt candy corn."

The GHOULISH HALLOWS holders come in a set of 2. These are "haunted trees" and "the front sides are painted a ghoulish black while the back sides are purple and orange" and fit a 5oz candle.

The WITCHES BREW are "whimsical witches' feet" that hold a votive or tealight or fill them with candy corn and a place setting card as seen on the dinner plates on this table setting.

And you can create the striking centerpiece with our FOOTED GLASS HURRICANE, filled with brightly colored candy corn & other candies (using the colors of your choice) and a 6 INCH BLACKBERRY & VANILLA PILLAR CANDLE.

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