Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Re-useable Grocery Bags are the "thing to do"

Doesn't it feel like everybody has an environment friendly bag now for packaging up your groceries? Well, with Gold Canyon's focus on the environment with our new homeology cleaners, we wouldn't be complete with our own bag! And I must say, that I think it is soooo cute compared to some of the other boring bags out there! I love the bright green color & the size is absolutely perfect as well. Take a couple of these to the grocery store & you can dramatically limit the number of those plastic shopping bags that you usually throw away. Plus, I love that I can bring several plastic shopping bags worth of stuff into the house in one trip, especially when I'm carrying a baby around, too!

Product Spotlight: Eco-Shopper
--Help protect the environment with this generously-sized reusable bag made from non-woven material. Use for candles, groceries, as a gym bag and all of life’s carrying needs. Perfect for stowing all of your goods and fashionable enough to make a statement of eco-chic style.

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