Thursday, March 5, 2009

Testimonial from Sarah K. in Maryland

Testimonial from Sarah K. of Hanover, Maryland:

"I love candles. I knew that Kim sold Gold Canyon candles, but had not been to a party until recently, and I am now totally converted. Gold Canyon candles rock. They burn a long time and are way more affordable than Yankee, plus they don't burn as fast as Bath and Bodyworks ones. I get coupons all the time, GOOD coupons, in my email. People always joke about the year’s supply of candles in my bathroom, which is where I store them, but I also have candles on both my husbands and my nightstands, on my bathroom counter, and on my kitchen counter. Then I add them wherever I need them at the time. I’m going to my second party this Friday and I’m sooo excited! I totally converted my sister too. Attached are pictures of my ‘candle storage’. One day it will be all Gold Canyon!"

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