Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Recycling/Re-using Scent Pods

What is a "scent pod"?

Do you ever use "tarts"? Gold Canyon has produced another version of the "tart". You purchase a Pod Warmer and then there are "scent pods" that can be placed on top of the warmer instead of using a candle. Each pod has scented wax in it that melts on the warmer, producing an incredible fragrance!
Why use pods instead of tarts?
With tarts, you have the mess of having to clean out the wax when you're finished with it & you can't change fragrances until one is completely used up. Because Gold Canyon's scent pods are in a plastic container, there is no mess to clean up at the end, you simply throw the container away (or clean out & re-use as directed below). Because of that plastic container, you can also change fragrances when you want to . . . take off one pod, put the lid on it & pull out another to use according to your mood!

Pods are a big hit with former "tart" customers . . . try them out today!

Cleaning Scent Pods
-With the wax solid, scoop out two spoonfuls of wax. Put the Scent Pod on a Pod Warmer until the wax is fully liquefied.
-Pour wax into a disposable heat safe container. Use a disposable towel to wipe out any remaining wax.
-Squeeze Wax Remover into Scent Pod; wipe clean.
-Spray Scent Pod with Homeology All Purpose, rinse in hot water and dry.

Cleaned out Scent Pods can be re-used to hold . . .
  • office supplies like paper clips, push pins, etc.

  • bathroom items like hair ties, bobby pins, etc.

  • small scrapbooking accessories

  • beads or other crafting supplies

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