Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day with me - tomorrow, Wed. April 22nd!

I'll be giving away 3 of our bright green eco-shoppers (re-usable shopping bags --see above picture of the bag with our all-natural cleaners) on Earth Day! Want to be a winner? I'll be doing a drawing from everyone who places an order on my website: http://www.gottahavecandles.com/ and the 3 names that are drawn will receive one of the eco-shoppers! (cleaning product shown above are not included in the prize, only the ec0-shopper bag)

I have several of these bags myself & just love them!

  • I fold them up and take them to the grocery store with me. They hold a ton of stuff so that I have less bags to load into the car and carry into the house and they save me the guilt I feel when I throw away the plastic shopping bags that I used to get on those shopping trips.

  • I also use them to cart stuff from one floor to the next (since we live in a 3 story house).

  • I fill one up with everything I'll need while I'm out running errands - things to return to the store, mail that needs to go out, product/catalogs I need to drop off to people, etc. - so I don't forget anything as I run out the door.

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  1. Since I posted this, I found some homeology cleaners that were tucked away in my "giveaways" box . . . I'll add those to the giveaways, too!