Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gold Canyon Diffusers . . . do they work?

I was recently asked some questions about our diffusers by a customer & thought I'd share her concerns as well as my answers, in case anyone else was wondering the same thing:

"I had a quick question, are they going to be coming out with a reed diffuser in the aroma golds... especially sensual amber? Also we have a Yankee candle diffuser that we received for Christmas and I was soooo disappointed that it really didn't really fill the room with fragrance like I thought it would. Honestly now, how strong are the reed diffuser oils that you sell, do you have to be right up to the diffuser to smell it or once you enter the room you can smell the fragrance?" from Sarah C. in Maryland

Thanks for asking about our diffusers! I hope I won't bore you with this information, but I think this question needs a little background. Demonstrators & customers have been requesting that Gold Canyon come out with diffusers for quite a while now. When diffusers were finally released in our fall catalog in 2008, we got a little bit of information about why we hadn't had diffusers before that time.

When Gold Canyon started looking in to adding diffusers to our product line, they naturally started by researching the diffusers that were already on the market. What they found was that the diffusers on the market didn't live up to the expectations that Gold Canyon holds itself to in producing a product, including the problem of not enough fragrance.

Gold Canyon went to work & developed a new "stick" to use with diffusers -- its not a reed but is their own design that works to deliver a better quality fragrance. Gold Canyon initially only released 3 fragrances of diffusers because those were the only 3 fragrances that they had found the perfect combination for in order to deliver the desired amount of fragrance.

A Gold Canyon diffuser should fill a room with fragrance. I, personally, have one that I use in my baby's room -- its a very large room & it fills the room with fragrance & keeps it smelling clean & fresh. With a Gold Canyon diffuser, you can remove sticks for less of a fragrance or use all of the sticks for more fragrance (I use about 1/2 the sticks in my diffuser) and you can also turn the sticks upside down when you want to refresh the fragrance. If you were to purchase a diffuser and find that it doesn't fill your room with fragrance, I would be happy to replace it & if you were still unhappy, I would refund your money.

Now, to the question of fragrance. As I said before, the limited number of diffuser fragrances right now is due to making sure we only have the best quality with our diffusers. We do currently have the diffusers available in the aromatherapy fragrance "Awaken". Gold Canyon will continue to release more fragrances & I will definitely suggest that they do one in Sensual & will let you know if they do release that one in the future.

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