Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gold Canyon All Purpose Cleaner - Bonus Use #1

Reading the label of our all natural All-Purpose cleaner, you'd think of basic cleaning uses like cleaning off the kitchen counters. With a smell that can't be beat, this one type of use, should be enough, right? However, there are so many BONUS uses for this cleaner that I'd like to spotlight for you.

Bonus Use #1: Home Improvement Solutions

When we move into a new house, we're always amazed at what the previous owners did to it. We were covering up one of those crazy paint jobs (a poorly done green faux finish) left from the previous owners, when we noticed that all the light switch & electric outlet plates had paint on them as well. I tried scraping it off & it didn't work too well. So, I sprayed them with my ALL-PURPOSE cleaner and was amazed at the result. Using my fingernail, I just scraped the paint right off soooo easily! It also worked on the metal pieces where the door meets the door jam (don't know what they're called), though those took a little more work to scrape off, but certainly so much easier than doing it without the All-Purpose cleaner!

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