Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gold Canyon All-Purpose Cleaner - Bonus Use #2

Reading the label of our all natural All-Purpose cleaner, you'd think of basic cleaning uses like cleaning off the kitchen counters. With a smell that can't be beat, this one type of use, should be enough, right? However, there are so many BONUS uses for this cleaner that I'd like to spotlight for you.

Bonus Use #2: All-Around the House

As we're getting ready for a move, I'm cleaning some of those areas that are often neglected. I recently took a bottle of All-Purpose Cleaner around the house with me to clean all the doors. Chase was intrigued and wanted to help out & I had no fears as I handed him the washcloth that was covered in All-Purpose Cleaner --those natural ingredients (no chemicals), give me such a peace of mind when working around him!

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